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At Sigor, we are a painting and decorating practice established in Sydney since 2002. We are an Australian company that is highly experienced in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial painting.

We are here to bring you expert professionalism, wealth of individual concentration, and superb craftsmanship.

Our core values are commitment to quality, beautiful lasting results, outstanding finish and pristine client service.


Our process

Planning: Every project is different, but it always starts identifying the scope of works and good planning methods.

Firstly we will work out the time schedule – the commencement date and how long it will take from beginning to completion. We will confirm the colours, the materials and the hours working inside your home. We will carefully plan and schedule the works so that you are always informed on the progress.

Preparation: From removing curtains, relocating the furniture, covering and protecting household items, we will always take great care of all the belonging inside your home.

Prior to any work commencement we will make certain preparations. We will use drop sheets to protect the surrounding areas in order to have clean and tidy conditions upon completion. We will provide protection by masking all surfaces adjacent to the area being painted and remove this protection upon completion of the application. All surfaces will be cleaned and free from dust, grease and dirt.

The process: Correct surface treatment is the key to an outstanding long-lasting results. With skilled techniques and superior materials we will rectify surface that has been previously painted, remove and treat any mouldy areas, repair cracks and holes, fix any water damage to plasterboard ceiling and walls, prep any new or repair existing woodwork.

Application: We will suggest the most suitable brand and type of paint and will work seamlessly to ensure premium paint finish with long lasting results.

Completion: We will clean and dispose any materials in a clean and environmentally-friendly manner.